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New AKI Biomarkers: a revolution in risk assessment
An Educational Satellite Symposium at the 25th ESICM LIVES Annual Congress  
Monday, October 15, 2012 12:30 hrs to 14:00 hrs Paris Room Centro de Congressos de Lisboa (CCL) Lisbon, Portugal
The assessment of acute pathology in the kidney presents significant clinical challenges. The development of acute kidney injury (AKI) can be confusing – often appearing without symptoms and shrouded by other life-threatening priorities seen in critically ill patients. Join the faculty to better understand the dilemmas in early identification of patients at risk for AKI and how new methods may allow for more rapid clinical decisions.
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John Kellum, MD
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Claudio Ronco, MD
Vicenza, Italy

Michael Joannidis, MD
Innsbruck, Austria

Lakhmir Chawla, MD
Washington, DC USA

Eric Hoste, MD, PhD
Gent, Belgium

Patrick Honoré, MD
Jette, Belgium

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